MobGUI is a plugin for LiveCode aimed at rapid mobile app development. Custom contols to drag on to your projects (including native mobile controls : browser, movie player, scroller, text input, multiline text input) allow you to quickly turn ideas into prototypes and fully functioning apps.

The plugin has been completely rewritten - here are some of the new features...

MobGUI runs on both commercial and community editions of LiveCode
MobGUI is a commercial product, it is NOT GPL, but the plugin WILL run on both the commercial and community editions of LiveCode. In addition, the source of any controls and behaviors added to your project are editable by you, allowing tweaking and fine tuning.

Demo version
There's now a demo version of the new plugin - just click the 'Download' tab above then click the 'Demo Version' button. Not all of the current controls are present in the demo version, but it will give you an idea of what MobGUI is all about.

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MobGUI plugin for LiveCode : Mobile Prototyping and Development
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